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Achieve Silky, Radiant-Looking Skin

Robert Stevens Face & Body keeps you glowing and radiant with our outstanding facials. From our Signature Facial, which involves a facial and massage, to the Advanced Resurfacing Stem-Cell Facial, which targets wrinkles and other signs of aging, our facials are designed to restore skin and make it feel silky smooth. Contact us in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, to learn more.

Robert Stevens Signature Facial

This ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating facial includes an in-depth consultation to determine the client's skin care needs. Using Dermalogica®, Jan Marini®, and Hydropeptide® products, this advanced facial is infused with serums to combat aging skin and dryness or to clarify an oily complexion. The Signature Facial includes a massage of the face, neck, decollete, hands, and arms. Your skin will feel deeply cleansed, toned, and enlivened. Best of all, you won't need to apply any foundation or concealer—your skin will look clean, fresh, and flawless! We recommend the treatment every four to six weeks.


*Please note: Extractions may require extra time and may alter the cost. Please specify this need when making a facial appointment. 

Express Facial

The Express Facial is our signature facial, without all of the fluff. This time-saving facial provides all of the benefits of our Advanced Skin Care Facial, without the extra time taken for massage. Your skin is analyzed, deeply cleansed, exfoliated, and toned. Serum for your specific skin type is applied, along with a mask. No extractions are necessary. You will feel freshly cleansed and rejuvenated. This facial is perfect for those with busy schedules who think they have no time for good skin care.


My First Facial

This facial is the first step for young women to learn about good skin care. A consultation opens up this service, which includes a cleansing treatment and mask. Products are used to balance and enhance the young skin type, and recommendations on good skin care are provided, along with samples to try. This is a great treatment to undergo when Mom's advice won't fly.


Woman with a Face Mask

Men's Skin Care Facial

Men's skin care needs are met first with a consultation, then a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the skin, followed by a detoxifying or hydrating mask. It concludes with a moisturizer. Extractions may require extra time and may alter the cost of the treatment. Please specify this need when making an appointment.


Advanced Resurfacing Stem-Cell Facial

Profound anti-aging and smoothing benefits surround this relaxing treatment. Using all Hydropeptide advanced professional skin care products, this resurfacing facial smooths fine lines and wrinkles and brightens skin. A stem-cell apple or blueberry peel (the aroma is unbelievable!) is incorporated into this treatment, followed by a relaxing facial massage with plant stem-cell serums. A soufflé mask follows. Your skin will feel super smooth and deeply hydrated. We recommend the treatment every four to six weeks.


Bio-Oxygen Ageless Facial

The best way to fight "expression aging" is by infusing oxygen into the skin, which is exactly what this advanced skin care facial does. This deeply relaxing facial includes a skin consultation and a full Signature Facial, with the added oxygen treatment over the entire face. It leaves your skin looking more plump, dewy, and youthful. An infusion of oxygen decreases fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your previously dull and congested skin 100% rejuvenated. You'll experience a feeling of freshness and calm, all due to the extra oxygen in the air. We recommend the treatment every four weeks.


Woman Getting a Facial

Enhancements to Facials

Enhancements can be added on to any facial treatment. Please specify when scheduling an appointment to check for availability.

Micro-Current Hand Treatment: $35.00
Electric Mask: $35.00
Precision Peel: $35.00
Oxygen Infusion: $35.00
LED Light Infusion: $35.00
Micro-Current Eye Treatment:
Glycolic Peel: $15.00
Lactic Peel: $15.00
Multi-Vitamin Peel: $15.00
Full-Body Exfoliation: $35.00