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MicroCurrent Service

Our skin care center spcializes in advanced skin services. One of the most beneficial for reducing fine lines and wrinkles

is a Microcurrent service. (Treatment above with Debi Shandrick, owner, Robert Stevens Face & Body)

Women today are turning to science to maintain health and increase vitality. When it comes to anti-aging solutions, many

people are opting out of surgical recommendations and exploring new and tested rejuvenation techniques

to look and feel younger.

Microcurrent treatments are one such scientifically proven techniques to improve signs of aging by reviving cells

in facial muscles and tissues, resulting in natural scupting effects, without pain or recovery time.

What is Microcurrent?

"Microcurrent is a bioelectric signature that stimulates the body's processes at a cellular level,

creating changes. Its waves penetrate cells and tissues, producing a rejuvenating effect

which lifts and tones the skin."

-Neurotrosis article

  • Benefits of Microcurrent include:
  • Increased sculpting and contour of face
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Toned and tightened skin
  • Brighter skin

Are there side effects?

There are no side effects to a microcurrent treatment. This advanced skin therapy in non-evasive

and it does not destroy tissue. There is no down-time or recovery time. And the best part is,

you don't have to worry about an irreversible mistake being made, the chance

you take with plastic surgery.

What Can I experct during a treatment?

A typical microcurrent service involves facial maniputlations with the use of an impliment or

special gloves that conduct the microcurrent into the skin surface. It is sometimes incorporated

into other advanced skin care services, or used on its own. Ulitimately you will feel very

relaxed during the treatment. Your skin is rejuvenated, with products and serums penetrated to the

deepest level possible, leaving your skin radiant and bright.

How often should I get a Microcurrent treatment?

Results are noticable after just one session, but the finest results are achieved

with a series of treatments. Your esthetician can recommend a schedule for

your individual best results.

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