Swedish Massage

Massage Therapy

Breathe a sigh of relief as pain and stress completely disappear when you receive a massage at Robert Stevens Face & Body, in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania. Our certified massage therapists help relax your mind and body through a variety of different treatments and theraputic massage.

Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage

30 min: $55
60 min: $75
90 min: $100

Relieve tension built up in muscles with a therapeutic massage. The therapist will use hot towels to relieve tight muscles and then apply pressure to loosen them up. Pressure can be adjusted throughout the massage to suit your comfort level.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

60 min: $80
90 min: $125
add on a hot stone facial massage $25

Heat from basalt stones penetrates deeply into muscles during this massage. Firmer pressure can be applied easier with the smooth stones for the removal of knots and tension in muscles. At the end, hot stones are laid along the spine and between toes. A hot stone facial massage can also be included, upon request.

Beauty Care


30 min: $45
60 min: $65

The theory of reflexology is that by applying pressure to the sole of the foot, to reflex points, which correspond to organs, glands, and other parts of the body. It will help reduce pain and balance the body more naturally. Reflexology has been used as an alternative therapy, and a compliment to modern medical practices to help promote relaxation, improve circulation, and encourage overall healing. 

Can be added to a massage, or booked as a stand alone treatment.



60 min: $80

Reiki is a healing technique, based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch. To activate the natural healing processes of the clients body, and to restore physical and emotional well being.


Rain Drop Therapy

60 min: $100

Rain Drop Therapy involves the use of essential oils. Which, are dropped in a rain drop like fashion, onto the back. The purpose is to stimulate the nervous system, relieve minor discomfort in back muscles, and addresses the imbalances of the body. This treatment promotes relaxation and overall health.


Sound Therapy

30 min: $40
60 min: $60

Sound healing is a stress reduction service, that utilizes vibrations from tuning forks. It is said to synchronize brain wave frequencies, and in so doing, create inner peace and is said to cure a number of diseases.

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