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Choose the spa, not the scalpel


Venus Legacy™ Face and body treatments


Get the body you've always wanted! Venus Legacy™ delivers safe and effective treatments that smooth out cellulite, improve the appearance of sagging skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and body comfortably with no downtime.

This treatment is relaxing and has been compared to a hot stone massage! This device is an upgrade from our original Venus Freeze Plus. 

The Legacy not only blasts fat, it tightens the skin at the same time! These treatments are much more beneficial and safer than Cool Sculpting. With the Venus Legacy, the treatments are comfortable and  


Technology that's proven to be safe for all skin types!

Venus Legacy™ features four applicators: OctiPolar™ and 4D Body for larger areas, and DiamondPolar™ and 4D Face for smaller areas. All four applicators are powered by proprietary (MP)2 technology—only offered by Venus Concept’s cellulite removal devices—with the synergistic combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF). The OctiPolar™ and DiamondPolar™ applicators are indicated for wrinkle reduction treatments*, which leads to tightening of the skin. The 4D Body applicator is equipped with novel VariPulse™ technology, which makes it highly effective for cellulite reduction*.


  • Radio frequency (RF) is delivered using a unique algorithm that leads to homogeneous energy delivery and volumetric heating for maximum patient comfort

  • Also leads to quick and safe increase to therapeutic temperature, even on larger areas, and easy, continuous maintenance of therapeutic temperature throughout the treatment

  • Eliminates the need for topical cooling agents


  • Effect of Multi-Polar RF is enhanced by Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF), a non-thermal technology emitted through the applicator’s electrodes

  • Promotes angiogenesis to better fit oxygen and nutrient needs of the skin

  • PEMF has been proven effective in triggering regenerative processes in the skin and has been used in conventional medicine for decades


  • Synergistic combination of Multi-Polar RF (thermal) and PEMF (non-thermal) leads to tightening, followed by neocollagenesis

  • RF heats and directly stimulates fibroblasts, while PEMF is known to promote angiogenesis and induce fibroblast proliferation through release of the growth factor FGF-2, resulting in increased collagen synthesis

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