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Aging Skin

We are often told that aging is inevitable, and we know it is, but that doesn't mean we have to look older than our given number. The main reason our skin ages, and fine lines and wrinkles take over, is because of a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. And, unfortunately, this is mainly caused by over exposure to the sun and not using sunscreen. 90-95% of our aging skin is due to the sun.

Cellular turnover is another culprit. As we age, the cells in our skin slow down their rejuvenation, resulting in laxity and lack of volume, which, you guessed it, makes us look older. We have the keys to helping reverse aging skin and its look and feel.

The keys to looking younger and actually feeling better about you aging skin are two-fold. Regular advanced resurfacing treatments at your skin care center are essential, along with an at-home regime that is simple to do and will make an amazing difference.

Resurfacing treatments, such as micro-dermabrasions, dermaplaning, and advanced peels regularly are a first step to youthful looking skin. Your esthetician can analyze your skin and recommend how often you need a service to see the results you desire for your aging skin. He or she will also design an at-home skin care program for you to follow, a simple one that will include resurfacing products with glycolics or other gentle acids to keep skin smooth and supple. Retinol serums or lotions boost cellular turnover and help to restore collagen production. Vitamin C, hands down, makes an essential difference in your aging skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and also provides toning and brightening to aging, dull skin. A good moisturizer with peptides and other collagen and elastin rebuilders help skin to function better and heal and repair.

To maintain the ultimate rejuvenation of your skin, it is always recommended that you use a sunscreen every day before going out, either as a primer, cream, or within your makeup. Preventing further sun damage is key to looking younger and reversing your aging skin.

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