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Rosacea Treatment that Works

April is Rosacea Awareness Month and throughout the years in the skincare business we have had many clients who experience this annoying and often embarrassing skin condition. The rosacea treatment that works is one of our favorites, which gives undeniable results. It is a Cold Laser Therapy facial.

Rosacea is a common skin condition. The symptoms may flare up for weeks, and then all but disappear for just as long. Rosacea can cause unflattering redness and flushing, visible facial veins, a warm or hot feeling in the skin, and is often accompanied by small pus-filled bumps. It can also cause redness and lid swelling to the eyes, called ocular rosacea. This skin condition is not to be confused with acne and can affect people of all ages. According to The Mayo Clinic research, there is no cure for rosacea.

The estheticians at Robert Stevens Skincare have found an advanced skincare treatment for rosacea that really works! It is called a Cold Laser treatment. We've seen the results with many clients, some of whom continue to book sessions regularly to keep their rosacea problem in check. Cold Laser therapy, also known as photo bio-stimulation, delivers an entire range of the therapeutic light spectrum and infrared ray stimulation through a low-level laser, called a cold laser. This laser is not like high-powered medical lasers which cut or burn skin tissue. Cold lasers penetrate the surface of the skin, cause little or no heating effect and no tissue damage. What it does is heal, which is why it is so effective on rosacea-prone skin. The non-thermal photons of cold laser light transmit into the deeper skin's layers. This process creates the bio-stimulation action to the skin cell's mitochondria which does the following:

  • increases cellular metabolism and helps cells repair

  • stimulates immune, lymphatic and vascular systems

  • stimulates production of collagen and elastin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

  • decreases bacteria (which helps heal wounds and skin problems like rosacea)

  • improves tone and texture of the skin

  • reduces redness caused by rosacea

  • reduces redness caused by excessive dryness in the skin

We recommend a series of Cold Laser treatments in the beginning to target rosacea flare-ups and minimize the redness, but even with a single session, redness is noticeably diminished and rosacea skin looks and feels better. We have found that regular monthly treatments work best for our clients who want to control rosacea flare-ups and/or keep them from recurring.

An added perk is the anti-ageing affect Cold laser treatments have on skin as we get older. Our services come with a Cold Laser session on its own for 30 minutes. We also offer a luxurious Cold Laser Facial, a 60 minute service, which includes a full cold laser treatment incorporated into an anti-ageing advanced signature facial. The cold laser enables serums to penetrate deeper to target cell regeneration for less noticeable wrinkles and fine lines on the face and neck. Its anti-aging benefits are wonderful.

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